P-51D Mustang Fighter Aircraft

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The P-51D Mustang Fighter Aircraft was the prime ace fighter of the United States during World War II.

P-51D Mustang Fighter Aircraft
Photo Credit: Creative Commons Flickr Airwolfhound
The fearsome pursuit fighter aircraft P-51D Mustang was legendary during the Second World War and the Korean War. This single-engine masterpiece of North American Aviation sported the Packard Merlin V-1650-7 Liquid Cooled V12 at speeds of 440mph. The Mustang lorded it over the Messerschmitt and every other ace fighter thrown at it by the Lutwaffe. P-51 was the first dogfighter plane based off Britain to penetrate through Berlin aerial defenses.

P-51D Mustang Fighter Aircraft | USA

Weapons Rock Power Stats
Country: United States
Produced: 1940
Maker: North American
Length: 32 feet 3 inch (9.83 meters)
Wingspan: 37 feet (11.28 meters)
Height: 13 feet 4.5 inches (4.08 meters)
Wing Area: 235 square feet (21.83 sqm)
Max Speed: 440 mph
Service Ceiling: 41,900 feet (12,800 m)
Combat Radius: 1650 miles
Loaded Weight: 9,200 pounds (4,175 kg)
Empty Weight: 7,635 pounds (3,465 kg)
Power Source: Packard V-1650-7 V-12
Armor: Not Known
Main Gun: .50Cal AN/M2 Browning MG 12.7mm (6x)
Rockets: 127mm T64 HVAR (6x)
Bombs: 1,000 pounds (453kg)
Crew: 1
Cost: $50,985 (1945 dollars)
Status: Inactive • WW2

P-51D Mustang Fighter Aircraft | USA

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