MI-24 Hind

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The MI-24 Hind Attack Helicopter is a powerful attack helicopter of the Soviet Union (Russia).

MI-24 Hind
Photo Credit: Creative Commons Flickr AirWolfHound
The Mil Moscow MI-24 Hind Attack Helicopter is the mainstay gunship of the Soviet Air Force (Russia) since 1969. Large and robust, MI-24 Hind also acts as trooper transport as it has eight (8) infantry capacity. It is heavily armored as it can resist 12.7mm round attacks to its fuselage. Aside from its native armaments like a 12.5mm gattling gun, dual-barrel autocannons, rocket pods and anti-tank ordinance, the Hind can carry submunition mines and other bombs. Once an easy target for anti-aircraft weapons, MI-24 Hind was upgraded with modern avionics, heat suppressor and latest computer systems.

MI-24 Hind Attack Helicopter | USA

Weapons Base Power Stats
Country: Soviet Union / Russia
Produced: 1969
Maker: Mil Moscow Helicopter
Length: 57.4 feet (17.5 meters)
Rotor Diameter: 56.7 feet (17.3 meters)
Height: 21.3 feet (6.5 meters)
Max Speed: 208 mph (335 kph)
Service Ceiling: 16,076 feet (4,900 m)
Combat Radius: 280 miles (450 km)
Loaded Weight: 26,500 pounds (12,000 kg)
Empty Weight: 18,740 pounds (8,500 kg)
Power Source: Isotov TV3-117 (2x)
Generated: 2,200 shp (1,600 kW)
Rotor System: 5-Blades Main • 3-Blades Tail
Armor: Not Known
Main Gun: Yak-B Gattling 12.7mm (1x)
Gun 2: GSh-30K Dual Barrel (1x)
Gun 3: GSh-23L Dual Barrel (1x)
Gun 4: PKB Machine Gun (1x)
Missile AG: B-8V20 • 9K114 Shturm
Missile AA: SA-7 Gainful • AT-6 Spiral
Bombs: KGMU2V submunition
Payload: 5,291 pounds
Crew: 2 – 3
Capacity: 8 Infantry
Cost: $12 Million (2015 dollars)
Status: Active
AA = Anti-Air • AG = Anti-Ground • AN = Anti-Naval
Weapons Base Bonus Factor
Radar Warning Receiver
Laser Range Finder
Night Vision Sensor
Infrared Countermeasure Jammer (IRCM)
Engine Exhaust Supressor

MI-24 Hind Attack Helicopter | USA

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