Merkava Mk 1 Tank

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The Merkava Mk 1 Tank is an Israel Defense Force Main Battle Tank (MBT).

Merkava Mk 1 Tank

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Merkava, which means “Chariot” in Hebrew, is a locally made main battle tank in Israel. Developed by MANTAK (Merkava Tank Office), production of Merkava Mark 1 began in 1978. Merkava is known for crew protection and tank survivability. This tank is armed with 105mm M68 main gun, 7.62mm caliber machine guns (2x) and a remotely fire 60mm mortar. It carries 4 crew members, runs at 50 kilometers per hour, spews 900 horsepower and weighs 63 tons.

Merkava Mk 1 Tank | Israel

Weapons Base Power Stats
Country: Israel
Deployed: 1978
Maker: MANTAK (Merkava Tank Office)
Length: 27 feet 3 inches (8.30 meters)
Width: 12 feet 2 inches (3.70 meters)
Height: 8.7 feet (2.65 meters)
Speed: 31 miles per hour (50 kph)
Range: 250-310 miles (400-500 km)
Weight: 63 tons
Armor: Rolled Homogeneous Armor
Main Weapon: 105 mm M68 rifled
2nd Weapon: 7.62mm Cal MG (2x)
3rd Weapon: 60mm Mortar (1x)
Countermeasure: Smoke grenades (12x)
Engine: Teledyne AVDS-1790-6A V12 Air-Cooled
Generated: 908 shp (677 kW)
Power: 14.5 horsepower per ton
Crew: 4
Cost: $4.5 million
Status: Active

Merkava Mk 1 Tank | Israel

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