Pokpung-Ho Tank M-2002

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The Pokpung-Ho Tank M-2002 is a North Korean Main Battle Tank (MBT).

Pokpung-Ho Tank M-2002

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The Pokpung-Ho Tank M-2002 is a main battle tank (MBT) of North Korea. Pokpung-Ho or “Storm Tiger Model” in Korean, was designed by Second Machine Industry Bureau and produced by Ryu Kyong-su Tank Factory (estimates at year 1992). Western sources codenamed it M-2002, since it made public trials only in 2002. It borrows design concepts from Communist tanks like T-62, T-72, Type 88 and the Chonma-Ho. It is equipped with a 115mm main gun, a 14.5mm anti-aircraft gun and a regular 7.62mm heavy machine gun. It runs at 60 kilometers per hour top speed, an operational range of 500 kilometers and a V12 diesel engine with 1000 hp.

Pokpung-Ho Tank M-2002 | North Korea

Weapons Base Power Stats | Pokpung-Ho Tank M-2002
Country: North Korea
Produced: 1992
Maker: Ryu Kyong-su Tank Factory
Length: 7 meters
Width: 3.5 meters
Height: 2.2 meters
Speed: 60 kilometers per hour
Range: 370-500 kilometers
Weight: 44.3 tons (48.8 US Short Tons)
Armor: Composite ERA 500mm
Weapon A: 115mm 2A20
Weapon B: 7.62mm PKT MG (1x)
Weapon C: 14.5mm KPVT AA MG (1x)
Engine: 1000 shp V12 cylinder Diesel
Power: Not Known
Crew: 4
Cost: Not Known
Status: Active

Pokpung-Ho Tank M-2002 | North Korea

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