Type 96 Tank

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The Type 96 Tank is a second generation Chinese Main Battle Tank (MBT).

Type 96 Tank

Photo Credit: Creative Commons 3.0 WikiMedia Vitaly V Kuzmin

The Type 96 Tank is the main battle tank (MBT) of China based on the Type 88 Tank design. It entered PLA service in 1997 from its maker First Inner Mongolia Machinery. Although a less powerful MBT, it is a cheaper version compared to Type 99. It has 125mm smoothbore main gun with ATGM, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, and an anti-air machine gun. Type 96 runs at 65 kilometers per hour, a 400 kilometer operational range, and powered by 780shp diesel engine.

Type 96 Tank | China

Weapons Base Power Stats | Type 96 Tank
• Country: China
• Produced: 1997
• Maker: First Inner Mongolia Machinery
• Length: 6.33 meters
• Width: 2.3 meters
• Height: 2.3 meters
• Speed: 65 kilometers per hour
• Range: 400 kilometers
• Weight: 42.8 tons
• Armor: Composite Armor
• Weapon A: 125 mm smoothbore with ATGM
• Weapon B: 7.62mm Coaxial MG (1x)
• Weapon C: 12.7mm AA MG (1x)
• Engine: 780 shp (582 kW) Diesel
• Power: 18 horsepower per ton
• Crew: 3
• Cost: Not Known
• Status: Active

Type 96 Tank | China

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